Who We Are

Welcome to The Carolinian. Situated in downtown historic Florence, SC, life at The Carolinian ‎Retirement Community and Assisted Living is a haven for older adults seeking an active, worry-free ‎future. The Carolinian is relaxed, carefree, and comfortable where residents enjoy immersing ‎themselves in our daily activities as well as take advantage of the numerous services and amenities ‎that foster old hobbies and encourage new adventures. ‎

We understand that the transition to a new community can be challenging, and our friendly and ‎dedicated staff strive to make the process as easy as possible. As a non-profit organization, The Carolinian ‎Retirement Community and Assisted Living focuses on resident enrichment through ‎southern hospitality and cuisine. Our mission is to provide housing options for older adults in an ‎environment that enhances their quality of life physically, mentally, and spiritually.‎

The Carolinian is proud to be a Retirement Housing Foundation (RHF) community, offering affordable ‎living options and services to older adults. RHF is one of the nation’s largest non-profit providers of ‎housing and services for older adults.‎

We welcome you to explore our serene campus with a private tour today.‎